About RR LED traffic Signs

In the Beginning

A road trip up the Kuranda Ranges, west of Cairns, Queensland, was the catalyst that started RR LED Enhanced traffic sign designs are helping keep drivers and their passengers safe, wherever they go.

The team behind this breakthrough technology.

It was Ray who was taking that road trip back in 2015. Coming across roadworks up on the mountain, he almost missed the STOP sign due to a blind spot cast by the rainforest shadows.

As he sat there waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass, Ray thought there had to be a better solution. And then it came to him; an LED STOP sign was the answer and so his new journey began.


Ray quickly came up with a design for the new signage and then went about finding someone to produce it. Bob was the obvious choice. An innovator and an electrician, a fellow business colleague and a friend, there is where the real journey began.

Bob developed the current design and experimented with many different alternatives over the years. The team also worked closely with TMR, in order to comply with their rigorous specifications.

The Dunny

A complaint from a Traffic Controller sparked RR‘s next project. He said the portable toilets used at roadworks and construction sites were too smelly to use. Click! Lightbulb moment! Bob knew his next task was to develop a Solar-Powered Fan and Light for the millions of portable toilets around the world.

The New Range

Bob’s natural curiosity wouldn’t let him stop at just one product “ especially when so many enquiries about the new LED STOP/SLOW Banner started rolling in. He knew there was more to this story.

‘That just catapulted us to the next level of innovation’

Suddenly, RR LED Traffic Signs was being approached by other people, all asking Ray and Bob to develop other products. From the humble beginning of the Traffic Controller’s STOP/SLOW Banner came another – the STOP/STOP School Banner, the second versions!

Today, RR LED Traffic Signs offers 9 products – with 26 different versions “and there are still more to come.



Ray has founded five manufacturing businesses, establishing his own distribution network throughout Australia and New Zealand, and selling the manufacturing rights to the US. He also had his own engineering workshop and was the first person in the world to manufacture a settable™ metal 135-degree Inner Corner Bead with a troweling edge for the Drywall Industry, which has now been copied around the world.
Founder/Owner/Partner/Director of Gold Paper Tape, and Founder of EzyTrading. He manufactured the unique patented EzyToolâ„¢ and later went on to designed the RayCycle, a unique mobile and portable recycling machine, to reduce building waste by up to 90% and (the Covered Wagon) the RayCycle Asbestos Containment machine.


Ray describes Bob as “a real Innovator; his past achievements equal few people”.

An electrician, refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic by trade, Bob has led a colourful life!

As well as founding his own electrical business, Bob was instrumental in developing Coldshield PVC Swing Doors and refrigeration night covers, as well as the Sunshine Coast’s first ice-making business, with ice boxes and automatic ice vending machines in caravan parks all over the Sunshine Coast.