Solar Garden Lights

How Solar Garden Lights Can Enhance Your Outdoor Area

Date : 20th Aug, 2020

Solar power has come a long way in recent times with technological advances harnessing the suns renewable energy source. Solar powered garden lights has made its way into everyday homes as the costs associated have fallen and demand has increased. From solar roof panels to safety workplace lighting solar powered lights can increase safety and vision at an affordable cost.

Solar garden lights are a great alternative to traditional wired lighting or the stake in the ground lights available at major hardware stores.  Our lights at RR LED traffic signs come in a variety of colours, are basically indestructible with a 5 tonne load limit and are waterproof. Versatile, portable, energy efficient and long lasting there has never been a better time to invest in the power of solar power in your outdoor entertaining area.

Transforming your outdoor area with garden lighting

Garden lighting can really transform your outdoor area, whether you are after a mood setting entertainment zone or relaxing retreat. The type of outdoor lighting and positioning can really affect the ambience. Outdoor solar powered lighting has the advantage of being portable, with no hard wiring required our garden lights can be moved around to create any mood you wish.

For a party zone, our various coloured bright solar LED garden lights can be used in bigger lots or spaced out to create different areas with more or less lighting. Our solar powered LED garden lights can be placed at any height to create more lighting around peoples faces for interaction or down low to help see where you are dancing the night away. Our solar lights at RR LED are waterproof, meaning you can really set the mood of your pool with lighting, or illuminate it as a feature, or just add available lighting for night swims.

What are solar garden lights and how do they work?

Solar garden lights work like most solar powered items. Solar panels seen on satellites and calculators are called photovoltaic (PV) cells meaning they convert sunlight directly into energy. These solar panels can be grouped together to make solar arrays. PV cells have materials such as silicon which act as semiconductors, so when the light hits the cell a certain portion of it is absorbed into the semiconductor material.

This energy of the absorbed light is transferred to the semiconductor. PV cells also have one or more electric fields that act to force electrons freed by the light absorption in a direction. This is called the current, and when metal contacts are placed on the top and bottom of the PV cell the energy can be drawn off for external use, ie to power a solar powered garden light or calculator.  So solar powered garden lights work by harnessing the sunlight from the sun, then they store this heat and convert it to power to run the LED lights when dark. Like a mini satellite solar powered LED garden lights store heat from the sun during the day and release it night.

How long do solar LED garden lights take to charge?

Our LED solar garden lights at RR LED traffic signs are ready to use just about straight out of the box. Once you set your solar powered garden lights where you’d like them, (with sun) they will charge through the day ready for use that night. The lithium battery within the unit can store power for 2 weeks without sunlight, meaning these beauties can be taken with you on trips away even when it’s raining.

Where can I buy solar powered garden lights?

Here at RR LED Traffic Signs we have developed waterproof, basically indestructible solar powered LED garden lights for everyday homes and businesses. Our lights are great value and waterproof so can be used in your pool and surrounds, require no external wiring at all and are very long lasting. Available in 5 colours: amber, blue, red, green and white you’ll be sure to find one that suits the style of your outdoor area.

Solar powered LED garden lights are environmentally friendly, last a long time and use far less energy than traditional lighting. The LED solar lights are significantly brighter than traditional lighting and are a great option to adding lighting to your outdoor area. The more renewable energy we all can use reduces our carbon footprint, something we all should be aware of in helping to contribute to a cleaner environment. Why not check out our solar powered LED garden lights and see what options are suitable for your home outdoor area.