Dunny Cool™ Solar

Dunny Cool™ Solar

Battery-powered Exhaust Fan & Light Range

Some of the best inventions in the world were sparked by a random comment or a passing thought. Some were even invented by accident, including everyday essentials, such as the microwave oven and the Post-It Note. The Dunny Coolâ„¢ Solar Battery-powered Exhaust Fan & Light Range came about after a traffic controller complained about the smelly portable toilets on the worksite. Bob Byers of RR LED Traffic Signs decided this was a problem he had to fix, so he developed a Solar-Powered Fan and Light for the millions of portable toilets around the world.

Dunny Cool Ranges Roof Model, Wall Model and Roof Solar Light

The solar panel should start charging right away (once installed) and should be fully charged within one day. The fan can operate by solar power alone by day; when someone enters the toilet, the built-in sensor will automatically turn on the fan and the light, day or night. The built-in battery charges during the day and is activated by movement sensor day and night. There is a motion sensor timer that runs for 4 minutes. This Dunny Cool™ fan/light exhaust offers a more comfortable experience for the user. It removes hot air and odours and activates a useful light.

Dunny Cool™ Solar models

RR-Solar powered heat extractor

Extracts HEAT (FAN FORCED) when over temperatures get over 28 degree c Ideal for


RR-Solar Dunny Cool Wall Fan Model

Portaloo toilets, demountable toilets, donners, containers, storage units


RR-Solar Dunny Cool Fan/Light – Roof model

For roadside toilets, recreational toilets, National Park toilets, Donnas, containers, storage units


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