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RR- Flashing SOLAR LED 180mm “SCHOOL” Warning Lights (Pole)

To be attached onto a school sign pole to warn drivers there is a school crossing ahead Solar pow


RR- Flashing SOLAR LED Warning Lights (Sign)

Approved by TMR Comes in YELLOW (only)


RR-Solar LED Roof Light

The GAME CHANGER: IDEAL For: BUS STOPS- containers -


Solar garden lights

RR-Solar LED Garden Lights

20-ton runover pressure, waterproof, basically indestructible Comes in 5


RR-Solar LED Rear Parking Lights (Amber)

Rear parking light for any vehicle parked on a street or in a hazardous or dangerous situation Am


RR -Solar LED Illuminated Pavment markers

20 ton runover pressure Amber in colour (only)