RR-Solar Dunny Cool Wall Fan Model


Portaloo toilets, demountable toilets, donners, containers, storage units

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Product Description

The solar panel starts charging (once installed) and should be fully charged within one day. The fans will operate by solar power along by day if the temperature goes over 28-degree C. Or, Day and night when someone enters the toilet, the built-in sensor will automatically turn on the fans for 10 minutes. The built-in battery charger, lithium battery charges during the day and is activated automatically during the daylight and by the motion sensor at night.

This Solar Dunny Cool™ fans exhausts the smell and the heat. NO hard wiring required Completely independent for power.

  • Overall size – 340 W x 160 H x 80 D x 2.2kgs
  • 2-year warranty

Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions63 × 33 × 19 cm


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