RR-Solar LED Rear Parking Lights (Amber)


Rear parking light for any vehicle parked on a street or in a hazardous or dangerous situation

Amber in colour

20 ton runover pressure

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Product Description

To be attached to the rear of a caravan, truck, Semi-Trailer car, trailer, boat trailer, earth moving equipment and mining equipment while parked on a street or in any other dangerous parking situation. As well as stationary and mobile generators.

The solar powered lights do not work during the day (they are charging in the day) they automatically come on at night using the stored solar power. The Lithium battery can last up to 2 weeks without sunlight.  (No hard wiring)

  • Standard model – Amber for Rear parking lights
  • Overall size – 110mm Diameter x 25mm
  • 1-year warranty

Additional Information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × .50 cm


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