RR-LED STOP/STOP School sign/banners


School Traffic Controllers “ORANGE STOP” one side / “ORANGE STOP” other side

Approved by TMR QLD for Schools

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Product Description

Designed for SCHOOL traffic control opperators for safety at SCHOOL crossings. When the flashing LED lights are turned on at the beginning of each shift and the opperators uses the bat/banner/sign for directing traffic, the LED enhances the vision of the oncoming driver and alerts drivers to stop, this works particually well in the shadows of building, shaded tree folage and of cause, NIGHT time.

  • Lithium Battery has a 24v/12v charger to charge the battery when required.
  • Passed by TMR
  • Features; Turns off when turned up-side down.


  • — 1.8 meters high “folding handle”
  • 12v charger
  • Comes with a protective carry waterproof cover
  • 2-year warranty

Additional Information

Weight5 kg


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